Original Moustache Mug and Bowler Hat Set - Maurice Poirot


Image of Original Moustache Mug and Bowler Hat Set - Maurice Poirot

Inspired by the surrealist artist Magritte who used a lot of depictions of bowler hats as well as the cheeky cartoon characters Thompson and Tompson (French: Dupond et Dupont) who accompany Tintin in his adventures, we came up with the sugar bowl hat.

Not only does it dress up your original moustache mug in style, it keeps your tea warm at the same time and looks very elegant by itself.

1 x sugar bowl:
Measurements: l. 9cm / w .12cm / h .11cm / Ø 12cm / 0.3 kgs / l.c. 100ml
fine bone china, hand made in Stoke on Trent, England

1 x Original Moustache mug:
Measurements: l 11cm / w 7.5cm / h 8.5cm / Ø7.5cm / 0.2 kgs / l.c. 300ml
fine bone china, hand finished in Stoke on Trent, England


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